About Sieng Van

Nickname : Sieng Van
Fullname : Phạm Văn Siêng
Weight : 65kg ~ 143 Pounds
Height : 169 cm ~ 1.7m
Gender : Men
Language : English and Vietnamese
Social Profile :01-512google-plus-3-256 (1)BlackTwitterIconin


Achievement: Increasing Online Marketing studying market bigger 20 times in 3 years. Help over 1000 people make Marketing better.
Graduated : Marketing administration at Da Nang University of Economics.
My majors : I’m so good in SEO, Google Adwords and community development but they are just some advertising channels which mainly base on Marketing major and my Marketing thought. I current work for Brandee.edu.vn (a Marketing Online Training Center).


Oke men, I don’t want to waste your time, so I have listed shortly my profile in some sentences :
– I’m founder of a Digital Marketing Agency (brandee)
– I’m founder of Online Marketing Training Center (brandee.xyz)
– I’m a Certified Google Adwords partner
– I’m a Manager of Google Business Group at Da Nang
– I was a Lecturer of Marketing Online at SDC
– I was a vice President of Marketing at vivicorp  ( In the past )
– I was founder of Netmoon ( 3 years ago )
– I was founder of TOPIT Project ( 4 years ago )
– I was founder of SAVE PLANET, SAVE FUTURE project ( 6 years ago )
– I was Moderator for some SEO forums like as vnwebmasterthegioiseo.com, diendan.seo.edu.vn ( In the past )

I have :
——— 8 years’ experience in Marketing
——— 4 years’ experience in Community Development
——— 5 years’ experience in SEO, SEM
——— 4 years’ experience in Management
——— 4 years’ experience in web project Manager
——— 2 years’ experience in WordPress web design
——— 1 years’ experience in mobile app design.

speaker about vr at event of google io-extend-2016-768x470

Speaker about VR at Event of Google I/O extend 2016 in Da Nang City.

Training Growth Hacking on  December 06, 2015  in HCM by Google


Some core members of GBG Da Nang team.


Graduation Day of some members of Da Nang Marketing club


ngay hoi marketng online-compressed
Sharing in Event of Make Money Online Day


Career Day for Marketing Student at Da Nang University of Economic


Event of lauching GBG Da Nang with representations of Google and GBG Vietnam


I was sharing something about plan and idea for board of my company.


My brothers and sistets at Vivicorp


Sharing my passion for Marketing students in Da Nang, December – 2014.


anh qua
Speaking and teching about Marketing Online tool for members of QTN Global, January – 2015.


Siêng Văn

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